If this is your first visit to Cedar Lodge Dental or if you have not updated your health history in the past 12 months, please click on the form buttons below to complete and submit the appropriate forms directly to our office in full confidentiality.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our office and our staff will be happy to assist you. Thank you!

We are Cedar Lodge Dental Group, a dedicated team of enthusiastic and passionate dental professionals who genuinely care about our patient's desires. Our focus is to help you achieve your oral health goals.

We provide unparalleled service in a warm, fun-loving, family-oriented atmosphere that will exceed your expectations. We create value for our guests through active listening. Our team creates raving fans that enthusiastically refer their friends and family.

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Drs. Jarrod and Paul Jones and their highly skilled team have made a commitment to offering the highest quality dentistry in a very relaxing and high-technology environment. They have a unique approach to care as it involves a patient-centered concept wherein every patient is offered the very best treatment available. Every effort is made to ensure that we offer our patients gentle dental care and their comfort and safety are as important to us as they are to you.

Our goal is to make every visit to your dentist a pleasant and memorable experience. We offer our services to patients who value and appreciate our exceptional standard of care.