Don’t forget your teeth when you go on vacation!!

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  • July 8, 2019
  • Cedar Lodge Dental

This may seem quite obvious, but many times in the pre-vacation packing excitement, your dental hygiene may be the last thing you think about. Especially if you are traveling overseas or to a more remote vacation or mission destination, purchasing your favorite dental hygiene products may be more difficult than you think. Try our humble advice before and during your vacation.

Get the Basics

Clearly, don’t forget your toothbrush and toothpaste at a minimum. Mouthwash and floss are great ancillary items to pack, but they don’t take the place of brushing twice a day. Most quality rechargeable toothbrushes such as Braun and Sonicare will last a week without charging, but if your plans include a longer stay, don’t forget the charger! If you suffer from periodontal disease and your dentist has recommended a hydroflosser or waterpik, you can find portable models to take on vacation. Spare batteries for your toothbrush or waterpik, if applicable should be on the list. I’ve often found my toothbrush rattling around in the bottom of my toiletries kit without a cover, and let’s be honest, I really wanted to boil it before I used it again……. There are toothbrush head covers available, but even a little plastic wrap around the head of the brush can prevent an unpleasant invisible taste on the brush, especially if your cologne or perfume is spilled during travel!! (Not pleasant!)

For those of your that may have dentures or partials, don’t forget to pack your old denture or partial. Many patients have dropped their denture on the bathroom floor or in the shower and broken the denture. Having your spare denture packed, can restore your confidence and let you continue to enjoy your vacation.

Consider Scheduling Your Routine Checkup

I know that everyone likes going on vacation, but doesn’t always like going to the dentist. However, getting your teeth cleaned and an oral exam may head off or at the very least alert you to a potential dental problem that could put a damper on your vacation. Trying to find a dentist that you trust while on vacation can be challenging and certainly detracts from the fun you had planned. We encourage our patients to keep our contact information in their phone. Many times, we can recommend dentists in different areas of the country and even in different areas of the world should you have a dental emergency while traveling.

While on Vacation

Most of all have fun!! Vacations are a time to take a break from the usual routine, but when it comes to your oral care, STICK TO THE ROUTINE. Brushing twice a day, after breakfast and before bed makes a consequential difference in your oral care. It only takes a few hours of plaque sitting on your teeth to get a case of gingivitis started or, if you have periodontal disease, the bacteria under your gums and between your teeth are multiplying at lightning speed. Many times, we let down our guard with respect to what we eat and drink on vacation, but sticking to your oral hygiene routine and utilizing our tips will ensure an awesome vacation without the dental emergency. Should you experience a dental emergency while on vacation, please call our on-call number and someone will call you with professional advice. We can’t wait to hear about your travels when we see you in the office next time!

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