Summer Time

AZ Molina

Now that school is out, one of the things that we may get out of the routine is morning brushing.

Our kids sleep in and by the time they get up, they want to get together with friends and play, or go to the pool. Making sure that they continue to brush their teeth this summer will help them keep the “sugar bugs” away.

Something else that comes to mind is all the sport activities that our kids may be involved in this summer. Choosing good snacks such as veggies and fruit can be one way to keep a healthy strong body and mouth. Another suggestion is to limit the number of sports drinks one consumes. Some sports drinks are loaded with sugar and can be very acidic as well. Drinking water is the best option for hydration and minimizing sport drinks or juice for that matter in moderation can reduce the risk for childhood caries.

Have a great, fun, and safe summer from our family to yours.

– AZ Molina

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